Friday, March 25, 2005

Belfast Trip

just got back from my trip to belfast, northern ireland.. had a wonderful time there.. the weather co-operated splendidly and finally we had three days of warm sunshine.. some of the things we did during the trip..

1. walked on a rope bridge connecting two cliffs (length 60 ft and height from the ground was 200 ft)
2. visited an irish pub and had lunch
3. visited giant causeway (the only world heritage sight in northern ireland)
4. a breath-taking view of the coast line of atlantic ocean..
5. visited odyssey, a mall (millenium project for belfast)..
5. had spanish food and played bowling for the first time..

all in all, it was a wonderful trip and the pictures from the trip can be viewed here

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pictures from Newcastle

i was just taking a walk in quayside in newcastle.. millenium bridge (white in colour) was recently constructed across the tyne river and offers a really majestic view of the other bridges across river.. the bridge in green colour happens to be the tyne bridge.. its a really beatiful place to take a walk.. here are some of the snaps i took while i was there..

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Life in Newcastle..

well, its been two weeks since my return from US.. have settled down into nice student routine.. been busy working on my dissertation.. will have to decide on the topic for my dissertation soon.. did clubbing a couple of times and watched a few movies in the cinema.. have been spending a lot of time in my university library.. it was recently renovated and it feels really good to spend some time there.. its got a nice relaxing atmosphere with refreshments available.. thats its for now..

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