Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A hot summers day..

its a warm sunny day here in newcastle.. thats not something you hear everyday in this part of the world but this summer has been exceptional.. lots of sunshine, clear blue skies and whites on cricket field.. i have had really good season so far with my cricket team.. i am averaging around 40ish (my scores in the last few innings are 41, 3, 44, 48, 0, 53, 38, 48, 16, 50)..

my masters thesis is due in the 1st week in september and i am looking forward to handing it in.. its been a long hard summer and i have worked really hard and i am hoping that all my hard work will translate into good results..

its been a normal routine day for me today.. i was working in the lab all day and just got home.. a couple of interesting programmes lined up on tv later tonight.. thats abt it.. more laterz..

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