Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A huge relief..

Its 9.30 AM now.. I have in my possession two bound copies of my thesis which I am about to hand-in to the school office.. The enormity of the work carried out only sinks in as I see the thesis all printed and neatly bound.. It takes a while to realise all the work I have put in over the summer and its a huge relief turning in the thesis, as every student who has gone through this moment would testify.. Though there is the worry about the results, I am fairly happy that I have given it the best shot and am not burdening myself with undue pressure by focussing my thoughts on the grades being given out for my thesis work.. I have a couple of weeks to chill before I relocate to Cardiff from Newcastle to start my career as a fresh graduate with Cardiff University.. Have a couple of cricket matches lined up over the next two weekends and am looking forward to that..

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