Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Art of making friends..

I was just pondering over this topic and realised that I would be the most unsuitable person to comment on this topic.. I am not a pro-active person by nature and hence always expect the other person to make the first move.. May be, its the inherent fear of being rejected that's modeled my behaviour even though that conflicts with my opinion of myself of being a confident, outspoken but introverted person.. I don’t make friends that easily and the few I do are really close to me.. But being in this position does provide me a good platform for commenting on this issue as to what acts as a hindrance in making new friends.. This I realised when I recently relocated to Cardiff to take up a new job after years of being a student.. While being a student, it’s easier to meet people and sometimes you are forced to work with other students which later turns into a rewarding friendship or otherwise.. Now, in Cardiff, having lost that security blanket, I have to make each and every move to meet people and the initiative has to be from my end.. Orkut website is providing a nice setup for meeting people from diverse backgrounds and also an easy forum for keeping in touch.. I have also joined the university cricket team for practice sessions and that helps me in meeting a few more people sharing similar interests.. Some people are naturally gifted with the art of making friends and at times I do wish that I was one of those lucky few..

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Monday, November 07, 2005

First love..

Eyes meet, lips break into a smile and slowly everything else disappears from your view except for the person standing in front of you. You try to act aloof yet wishing the other person be rather spending time with you. Its such a magical experience and remains forever etched in your memories. There is also something naively appealing about first love with all that innocent banter, lack of sexual politics and the hope that it will last forever. The long hours spent cradling the phone and talking about no particularly relevant stuff yet relishing every moment of it and not having the heart to put down the phone, sending all those lovey-dovey text messages every 5 minutes defintely reminds us of a simpler time with no cares in the world. Hence, it is all the more surprising to realise how cynical and malicious we turn into with every passing experience. With every break-up, we take that much more longer to trust a person and worry more about taking than giving. We forget to appreciate the beauty of each and every experience and just begin focussing on all the negative aspects. At the end of the day, however you may feel, there is always something wonderfully sweet being reminded about your first love and looking back at those fun-filled days.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Another milestone..

I secured a distinction in my masters.. It is very satisfying to see all the hard work put in over the course of my MSc bearing good results.. My parents were very happy to hear this and this in turn, made it all the more memorable for me..

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