Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Art of making friends..

I was just pondering over this topic and realised that I would be the most unsuitable person to comment on this topic.. I am not a pro-active person by nature and hence always expect the other person to make the first move.. May be, its the inherent fear of being rejected that's modeled my behaviour even though that conflicts with my opinion of myself of being a confident, outspoken but introverted person.. I don’t make friends that easily and the few I do are really close to me.. But being in this position does provide me a good platform for commenting on this issue as to what acts as a hindrance in making new friends.. This I realised when I recently relocated to Cardiff to take up a new job after years of being a student.. While being a student, it’s easier to meet people and sometimes you are forced to work with other students which later turns into a rewarding friendship or otherwise.. Now, in Cardiff, having lost that security blanket, I have to make each and every move to meet people and the initiative has to be from my end.. Orkut website is providing a nice setup for meeting people from diverse backgrounds and also an easy forum for keeping in touch.. I have also joined the university cricket team for practice sessions and that helps me in meeting a few more people sharing similar interests.. Some people are naturally gifted with the art of making friends and at times I do wish that I was one of those lucky few..

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Bhavna Neel said...

hey .. Well Im Bhavna Neel. I send ya a mail too... On orkut I just spotted ya .. n since I have applied for a few courses in Cardiff was actually looking to get some first hand knowledge on the place everything basically .. if ya could guide me..ya.. I saw ya blog . Well I have one too Well.. your working in cardiff wow!! thats so cool .. as a teacher ? Im doin my final year eng. Well.. actually your posting on ya blog was pretty apt . Im exactly the opp.. yes i have a lot of frenz.. but only a few are really close .. anyway .. hope ya dont mind this approach of mine.. thanks anyway .