Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Geneva, here we come..

I am off to Geneva tomorrow. This will be my first trip to continental Europe as a tourist (visiting airports don’t count here). It’s planned as a 4 day trip leaving early Thursday morning and back on Sunday night late. We will be getting the train pass and hopefully cover a few places. My work colleague is joining me for this trip and it should be good fun. One main reason for opting to go to the land of chocolates is that its one of the few places that Indians can travel visa free if they have a UK visa which is valid for more than 6 months. So, its one hassle we can do away with. I will post in detail once I am back from the trip with lots of information and pictures about the trip.

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Monday, February 20, 2006

How fickle life is..

Other day (infact 8 months ago), my friend and I were walking down the city centre. As we were waiting to cross the road, we noticed a pigeon limping along the middle of the road. It looked like the pigeon had a broken leg. I was thinking of moving the pigeon to a place of relative safety but was a little petrified about handling the bird. So, I turned to my friend and asked him if he would carry it and leave it some where else. Looks like he was also a little wary of handling birds and as we stood there discussing, a car zoomed past and the next thing we heard was a bone crunching sound. I knew what had happened even without looking and as I looked at the driver, I could see her gasping as she realised what she had done but it was too late. This incident haunts me to this day and makes me look hard at myself for the lack of timely action which could have saved the bird. If only I could turn back the clock.....

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Monday, February 06, 2006


When I started to write a blog, I felt that I would capture anything interesting happening in my life. During that period, I have read many of my friend's blogs and its been an interesting experience for me. The kind of information one wishes to share on a blog, I feel, reflects their personality to an extent. Many people while reading my blog feel that I am too caught up in my own world and do not concern myself with anything happening outside of it. When I read other people's blog, I get the feeling that, they tend to observe everything else except what's happeining within their lives. Again, I am not being judgmental. But it explains how much a person would like to reveal to the outside world. Very few people I come across have a balanced view of both worlds and its normally those blogs that make for exciting and interesting reading. This is due to the fact that we gain understanding of the person's thought process and we are able to relate as to what makes them judge things a certain way. It gives us more than a peek into their lives.

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