Monday, February 06, 2006


When I started to write a blog, I felt that I would capture anything interesting happening in my life. During that period, I have read many of my friend's blogs and its been an interesting experience for me. The kind of information one wishes to share on a blog, I feel, reflects their personality to an extent. Many people while reading my blog feel that I am too caught up in my own world and do not concern myself with anything happening outside of it. When I read other people's blog, I get the feeling that, they tend to observe everything else except what's happeining within their lives. Again, I am not being judgmental. But it explains how much a person would like to reveal to the outside world. Very few people I come across have a balanced view of both worlds and its normally those blogs that make for exciting and interesting reading. This is due to the fact that we gain understanding of the person's thought process and we are able to relate as to what makes them judge things a certain way. It gives us more than a peek into their lives.

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