Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fight against spam

Its getting exasperating. Every morning, I open my inbox in the hope of seeing atleast a few emails from family and friends. I do find a couple of new mails only to realise that they are SPAM. Its especially bad with hotmail. Looks like their anti spam software isn't upto the task and is kind enough to let all junk mails get through. With gmail, its much better. Till now, I havent had a single spam mail in my inbox. They have been re-directed to my spam mail folder and makes it easy for me to just delete it without having to take the trouble of reading all the nonsense that these spam mails are filled with. This post is not a propaganda thingy for gmail but just stating the obvious. Any disagreements?????

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Brooke said...

My personal favorite spam move was when they started to pop up in my blog comments (until I turned on the word verification that is.) I would have twelve comments two seconds after I posted, all of them spam.

Anonymous said...

Let me start off by saying 'Chal Phoot!'

You are right about the spam problem with hotmail, actually hotmail is still better than lycos. I get about 80-90 junk mails in my inbox on a daily basis, even after blocking the senders. Gmail is good though.