Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Illegal immigrants

During our recent trip to Switzerland, we ventured into France without a valid visa. We were in Geneva and the receptionist at the hotel mentioned that we could take a bus to the area bordering with France and if we are lucky, we can just cross into France and spend some time there. We took up on this and as mentioned, strolled into France with no French border control official stopping us. Infact, there were none. Well, we had no intention of staying back in France as all we wanted to do was do some sightseeing but its easy to imagine how immigrants can enter a country illegally with the least amount of hassle. The funny part was, while returning, the swiss officials stopped us to check our documents and we had no trouble getting back into Switzerland. If we really wanted, we could have ventured all the way to Paris but didnt want to push our luck too far. It made for a very interesting experience and we too were illegal immigrants for a short while.

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