Sunday, April 09, 2006

'Could have been great' movie experience

After an exhausting cricket session, I sat down to watch Constant Gardener starring Rachel Weisz and Ralph Fiennes. Tackling a pretty heavy subject, it focuses on the abusive attitude of pharmaceuticals and their apparent lack of regard for the life of people from third world countries. Though intellectually stimulating, it fails to strike an emotional chord. Rachel is a firecracker and she lights up the screen every time she appears on it (albeit for only the first 30 minutes, but leaves a lasting impact). Ralph plays the role as necessitated by the script but that hampers the impact his character would have left otherwise and ends up being dull. This movie, though technically an emotional thriller, is quite slow and feels a little drawn out. Its worth a watch on DVD (as I did) and the exceptional portrayal by Rachel makes it worth while.

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Sapna said...

mmmmmmm No probs!!! I watched "Banaras"...n u know that is the first movie in my life ,i couldn't understand.....But music was too good!!!

Omer said...

Yeah Rachel is very pretty :)
I saw Pinjar this weekend, I thought it was a good story and had potential for greatness but I was very disappointed by the direction and some of the acting. It was still interesting to watch.

Reese said...

Hey there! I see you gave your blog a face lift. Looks great!

I saw this movie, too. I was quite excited to see it, since I like both the lead actors. I must admit, though, I didn't even finish watching it. I found it dull. Real dull.

See ya later!