Saturday, April 01, 2006

Test of patience

I never realised that working with IBM software could be so dreadful. I recently mentioned my experience about my struggles with Rational Software Architect (RSA). Continuing on that, here are my further travails. Well, I thought I must have done something wrong during the installation process and hence bravely decided to give it a go again. Did a complete uninstallation which took nearly half a day. Then, proceeded with the installation of RSA version 6.0. Once that was done, I had to install a fixpack which was a download from IBM site (size: 2 GB, can you believe that). Why would they have a fix nearly as big as the software itself? How buggy could their software be? Well, after enduring the download wait, I performed the fixpack installation and continued with the installation of Websphere Integration Developer required for running the processes and it comes equipped with the process test environment as well. Once that was done, I hopefully started the process test server only for it to give the same error as before. The error message in the log was "There is an error". D'uh. As if I didn't already know that. So, much for the log files being helpful. The general opinion that I have gathered from other people about IBM software is that they are exceptional when it comes to performing the required operation, but to get to that stage, well, you will probably never get there. Hmm..

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