Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Who uses mozilla?

Since I started tracking users visiting my blog, I have noticed a strange pattern. Most of the users use IE browser. This despite strong push from the opensource community to embrace other browsers like Mozilla and Opera. I personally prefer Opera as I feel it starts up faster and works better with most websites than Mozilla. Even then, I would rather have people using Mozilla than IE. With that in mind, I signed up for Adsense and dutifully put up a button for Mozilla in my blog. One hope was that this would make more people tempted to try Mozilla. The hidden agenda being me making a few bucks in that process. But blog visitors seem to think otherwise. They dutifully avoid anything to do with the adverts or Mozilla. Wish Google was doing something to promote Opera as well. Hopefully, they will do it someday.

Also, having used all three browsers, I still cant understand why most people would stick to IE? I also cant understand the reluctance of Microsoft people to not incorporate the tabbed window feature in their browser? Another source of irritation is the fact that windows update can only be performed through IE and not any other browser.

Are there any more issues regarding IE that bothers users? Feel free to comment here.

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