Monday, May 01, 2006

Cricket season underway

Finally, the season got underway yesterday. It was a cold and partly cloudy day but it felt great to be out the ground. We were playing in cricket ground in the country side and the the drive from the station in bristol took about 40 minutes. We were put into bat first on a sticky seaming wicket. I went in at 4 (2 down) and scored 12 runs. We ended up with a score of 110 and were bowled out in 39 overs. We got to that score, thanks a fighting knock from our no.5 batsmen who scored 41. We were quite confident that any score over 100 would be a tough one to chase given the conditions and we were right. The other team got bowled out for 77. I sent down 5 overs for 13 runs and 1 wicket. It made for a good match. Next weekend should be even better with back-to-back matches.

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Omer said...

Hero! We started on a winning note as well, actually 2/2 wins for us. Yesterdays's game was a nail bitter. We put the opposition in to bat and the wicket was doing funny things so we got them out for 104. We ended up scoring the total in the 38th over with 1 wicket left. Lots of fun. Good luck with the next game!