Friday, May 05, 2006

Mission Impossible 3 - Movie Review (English)

Watching Mission Impossible 3 reinforces the belief that only a few actors are born to play a spy like James Bond and Tom Cruise is definitely NOT one of them. He tries to play a character with an emotional core but ends up falling completely flat. One of the few things that the movie has got right is in its choice of villain. Philip Hoffman plays an ill sketched role and gives it a flourish much more than it actually deserves. He plays a cool, cold-hearted guy and his dialogue delivery is a treat to watch.

The movie takes us to quite a few places such as Germany, Vactican and Shanghai and it comes across quite well on screen. The stunts in the movie are filmed pretty well and Cruise does look exceptionally fit and agile and it seems that he has done a few risky stunts by himself.

MI3 is supposed to show Ethan Hawke's (Tom Cruise) softer side but there are harly enough interactions between the lead characters to make the audience feel for them. I also felt sorry for Hoffman as he could have made this a very memorable movie had he been given more to chew on. The movie does make for an evening's time pass but its not due to the presence of Mr Cruise.

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