Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Of pelvic thrusting and bosom heaving

I was watching the song 'tu cheez badi' from the movie Mohra on B4U. It was really interesting to notice the changes that have taken place in choreographing a song. The dance movements that Raveena displayed in that song looks distinctly vulgar now and I am pretty sure, given a chance, she may want to revisit it in a different manner. This song was a huge hit and I didn't realise at that time that this song was flagrantly copied from Nusrat's work. Not that it mattered to us at that time.

I feel that late 80s and early 90s were an era of jerky dance movements that were more meant to titillate audiences than make them appreciate intricate dance movements that please the senses in a subtle manner. Of course, Madhuri was and is considered an exceptional dancer but she was a pioneer in introducing bosom heaving step. Need proof? Check 'dhak dhak' from beta, 'choli ke peeche' from khal nayak and 'mera piya ghar aaya' from yaarana (I guess). Karishma, Govinda, Shilpa and most other were responsible for the vulgar pelvic thrusting step and it was repeated in almost every movie of theirs much to the delight of the front benchers. I still am a big admirer of Govinda's dancing when he is not gyrating his pelvis as he makes dancing look ridiculously easy.

Nowadays, even the worst dancers are made to look really good through editing and the dance movements appear more sophisticated. Hrithik, Aishwarya and Shahid do look really natural and spontaneous while dancing and choreography does look like it has come off age.

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