Sunday, June 25, 2006

A tale of two extremes

I was playing cricket for my league team today. The pitch looked a little dicey, lots of grass, some footmarks even before start of play. Our team lost the toss and we were put into bat. I opened the batting and soon we lost our first wicket. Our No.3 batsman and I were involved in a century partnership during which I scored my half century (cracked four 4's in one over). Soon after the half century, I tried gliding a ball towards the third man area and to my surprise, the ball carried to the short third man who made a hash of it and dropped a sitter. But this was all in vain. The runner had taken off for a single and trying not to be selfish, I dashed towards the other end and reached there on time only to get my bat stuck on some hole in the pitch and twist over on my right knee. So, a half century and a busted knee later, I retired hurt and was off the ground for the remainder of the match. Our team ended up scoring 209 and we bundled the opposition for 80 runs. I guess we made more use of the dicey pitch than the home team. Now, I am at home using ice packs to keep the swelling down and I got to see a doctor first thing tomorrow morning. I wouldn't want to be hobbling my way to London and Italy.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

To my ardent fan

I have one regular visitor from Sweeden. I keep disappointing him by not posting frequently to my blog. This is a small gesture from me asking him to keep visiting and not lose faith. Sooner or later, my mental block should disappear and I should be back to my normal writing self. Thanks buddy for the show of support.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

My favourite movie list..

I just thought I would come up with a list of 10 movies that has impressed me the most and would entice me for repeat viewings. The movies are not ranked in any particular order.:

1. Mahanathi - Tamil - Excellent storyline and acting.. Kamal hassan pours his heart and soul into this movie.. Be assured there wont be a dry eye at the end of this movie..

2. Before Sunrise & Before sunset- Wonderful interplay between lead characters, cant resist loving this movie

3. Terminator 2 - Bang bang bang.... Need I say more..

4. As good as it gets - Jack Nicholson shows what acting really is and how devilishly funny he can be..

5. Nayagan - Tamil - Was listed by Time magazine in its top 100 list.. Excellent in every aspect.. Haunting background score by Ilayaraja

6. Pulp fiction - First movie of Tarentino that I watched.. Never realised that profanity could sound so poetic.. Brimming with nervous energy and top notch acting..

7. Raging bull - One of the best biographies ever made.. Deep understanding of human psyche... de niro and scorcese's best work..

8. Sholay - Hindi - Best example of Indian masala pot boiler that mixes every emotion in the right amount and serves it with a flourish..

9. Satya - Hindi - One of the first Indian gangster movies to show life's harsh realities within a conventional bollywood setting.. Contains hard hitting dialogues, excellent acting and director who knows what he is doing..

10. Appu Raja - Hindi - Kamal hassan playing a dwarf... Can it get any better.. He was totally brilliant in this movie.. Was a surprising decision that he didn't win the national award for this role.. Revenge is a dish best served with a little humour.. That's the formula kamal follows in this movie..

What would your list contain? Let me know.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Fanaa - Movie Review (Hindi)

Aamir Khan has so far successfully resisted working with Yash productions and I believe that is for a good reason. After watching Fanaa, you just wished the director (Kunal Kohli) hadn't made such a mess of the storyline and script. In an interview, Aamir Khan mentioned that this was one of the best scripts he had come across. I beg to disagree. It was probably the fat paycheque that persuaded him to do this movie. No complaints about Aamir and Kajol though. Only reason the movie is even watchable is due to their electric presence and the magic they bring to the screen. I guess it's become a cliche to say that it's the story and not the stars that make or break a movie and this one proves it to the core.

Fanaa happens to deal with the conflict between one's love for his cause and his lady. The script is so convoluted that, at the end, it's still not clear what choice the hero makes. Aamir Khan plays Rehan Qadri, a Kashmiri working as a tourist guide in Delhi where he comes across Kajol (Zooni Ali Baig), who is visually impaired, and is a part of a group from Kashmir in Delhi to perform in front of the President during republic day celebrations. Aamir is immediately smitten and Kajol too realises that this is the guy for her. The best part of the movie is the interplay between these two characters during the first 45 minutes when they fall in love. Aamir Khan plays a lovable rogue reciting shayari with such aplomb that reminds you of his boyish mischievnouss in his earlier movies. Soon after they decide to get married and Kajol undergoes an operation to restore her eyesight. Just immediately after the operation, she is told that Aamir got killed in an explosion caused by IKF (some kashmiri terrorist group). It is here that movie goes completely haywire. Through media reports, we have learnt that Aamir plays a terrorist in the movie. Kajol is led to believe that Aamir died in the terrorist attach while we are shown Aamir Khan planning some other operation in Bangkok.

Seven years later, through an amazing co-incidence, Aamir Khan lands on the door steps of Kajol in Kashmir. This is where I will stop revealing the story and will leave you guys with the pleasure of having to watch the tortuous 45 minutes that leads to the climax. I have never been a fan of Yash Chopra/Johar movies as they try to wring every inch of emotion out of you through excessive melodrama and unrealistic storylines. Huge credit must go to Aamir and Kajol, one, for taking up the movie, and two, for making it watchable to a large extent. One thing that will leave you smiling is the picturisation of the song "chand sifarish" where Aamir displays all his trademark roguishness. Enjoy it as there may not be much else to enjoy in this movie.

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