Friday, June 09, 2006

My favourite movie list..

I just thought I would come up with a list of 10 movies that has impressed me the most and would entice me for repeat viewings. The movies are not ranked in any particular order.:

1. Mahanathi - Tamil - Excellent storyline and acting.. Kamal hassan pours his heart and soul into this movie.. Be assured there wont be a dry eye at the end of this movie..

2. Before Sunrise & Before sunset- Wonderful interplay between lead characters, cant resist loving this movie

3. Terminator 2 - Bang bang bang.... Need I say more..

4. As good as it gets - Jack Nicholson shows what acting really is and how devilishly funny he can be..

5. Nayagan - Tamil - Was listed by Time magazine in its top 100 list.. Excellent in every aspect.. Haunting background score by Ilayaraja

6. Pulp fiction - First movie of Tarentino that I watched.. Never realised that profanity could sound so poetic.. Brimming with nervous energy and top notch acting..

7. Raging bull - One of the best biographies ever made.. Deep understanding of human psyche... de niro and scorcese's best work..

8. Sholay - Hindi - Best example of Indian masala pot boiler that mixes every emotion in the right amount and serves it with a flourish..

9. Satya - Hindi - One of the first Indian gangster movies to show life's harsh realities within a conventional bollywood setting.. Contains hard hitting dialogues, excellent acting and director who knows what he is doing..

10. Appu Raja - Hindi - Kamal hassan playing a dwarf... Can it get any better.. He was totally brilliant in this movie.. Was a surprising decision that he didn't win the national award for this role.. Revenge is a dish best served with a little humour.. That's the formula kamal follows in this movie..

What would your list contain? Let me know.

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Kira said...

Anything with a gorgeous Desi hunk in it will suffice :)