Sunday, June 25, 2006

A tale of two extremes

I was playing cricket for my league team today. The pitch looked a little dicey, lots of grass, some footmarks even before start of play. Our team lost the toss and we were put into bat. I opened the batting and soon we lost our first wicket. Our No.3 batsman and I were involved in a century partnership during which I scored my half century (cracked four 4's in one over). Soon after the half century, I tried gliding a ball towards the third man area and to my surprise, the ball carried to the short third man who made a hash of it and dropped a sitter. But this was all in vain. The runner had taken off for a single and trying not to be selfish, I dashed towards the other end and reached there on time only to get my bat stuck on some hole in the pitch and twist over on my right knee. So, a half century and a busted knee later, I retired hurt and was off the ground for the remainder of the match. Our team ended up scoring 209 and we bundled the opposition for 80 runs. I guess we made more use of the dicey pitch than the home team. Now, I am at home using ice packs to keep the swelling down and I got to see a doctor first thing tomorrow morning. I wouldn't want to be hobbling my way to London and Italy.

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Tharini said...

Hey, what did teh doc say?

How are you doing now?

Let us know.