Sunday, September 03, 2006

Vettayadu Vilaiyadu - Movie Review (Tamil)

The 3 things that makes 'Vettayadu Vilayadu' an enjoyable affair are Kamalhassan's solid acting, exceptional camerawork and a decent effort by Gautham. Kamal plays a middle aged investigative police officer who is trying to hunt down a serial killer. Thats the gist and needs no more elaborating.

The introduction scene for Kamal rocks as he enters rowdy pettai and gives them a sound thrashing. A stylishly shot song follows where the activities in a police officer's life are chronicled. It also makes use of some imaginative camera work while giving more than a peek into the character that Kamal portrays.

The movie does have some major loopholes especially when investigating the crimes committed by the serial killer in New York. While NYPD taking the assistance of Indian police in tracking down a killer can be made believable with a large pinch of salt, the impunity with which the Indian police are allowed to break the legal procedures are hard to digest.

Kaakha Kaakha was a good movie with a bad ending. VV also suffers the same fate. Gautham seems to spend a lot of time laying the ground work but falters when it comes to wrapping up things. Also, the police officer in VV relies more on his brains than brawns (as was the case in Kaakha Kaakha) which makes the ending even more hard to accept.

Kamal Hassan with no make up, a more tham ample paunch and a receeding hairline does indeed look the part. Also, he shows amazing dexterity when it comes to beating the crap out of some one. It does make for a satisfying experience to watch Kamal completely under director's control (or so it appears). Wish Gautham had gone the extra distance to give a nice closure to the role than appearing to be in a hurry to wrap it up.

Jothika and Kamalini are the ladies in Kamal's life and arent much to talk about. The movie would have been a lot more tighter if their roles had been altogether excluded. But Kamalini does look cute.

The songs by Harris do fit the stoty but the BGM could have been a lot better. Its obvious Harris is no Ilayaraja.

All in all, a good movie with the potential for a even better one.

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