Monday, November 27, 2006


I was returning home from work. Its a good 30 minute walk. I was enjoying it fine until I ran into a bunch of teenagers just 5 minutes from home. You could clearly sense that they were a troublesome gang from the way they walked, talked and dressed. They were strolling alongside me when one of them tugged the umbrella I was carrying. I just turned around, ignored it as a harmless prank and just kept walking. After a minute, something round and hard smashed into my shoulder and I realised they were now throwing apples at me. I turned around and growled (not literally) and they seemed to back off a little. That was only temporary. They started throwing stones after that. I guess they were careful enough not to hurt me as the stones kept flying either side of me. I was in a fix. They were a group of kids (about 5). I didnt know who was responsible for this and hence couldnt act on it. I couldnt target any single person and I would be foolish enough to take on the whole group. My instant reaction was to give that person a nice smack but I just realised the problem of being the only puny guy on that road. All those tenagers were taller and strongly built than me. They may not be brave enough to come one-on-one but even a partially aimed kick/punch in self defence will do me more harm than good. Taking the insult in stride, I just disappeared into a grocery shop nearby and did some shopping. By the time, I got out, the gang had moved on. May be they found another easy victim. I am now sitting at home nursing a bruised shoulder and ego with a hot steaming cup of tea and yummy bar of chocolate. What would you do if you were in my place?

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Tharini said...

Appalled to hear this Mahesh. But I think you did the right thing under the circumstances.

I cannot understand what sort of entertainment they get from this, but I guess it realtes to sadism.

Take good care of yourself.

My Reflections said...

Hey! this is a lil scary...but then i was laughing reading it..especially when u said a puny guy liek me...hehe! i always told u have complan u never listened ;)..

ok how wud i react to this situation. may b i'll end up crying so that they can just leave this pooor kid behind to target someone else... :)

mommyof2 said...

Well, I would’ve called the cops to teach them a lesson and then stop going that way for few weeks at least..:-)