Friday, February 02, 2007

Free calls to India & USA

Please note that the numbers mentioned below are no longer considered part of free minutes in the mobile network package. Please check with your local mobile network before using them.
If any of the readers visiting the blog are from the UK and using O2, they can make free calls to India & USA using the following numbers (will be counted as inclusive minutes in o2):

08707947646 - During weekdays
08445707646 - During weekends

Both the numbers are free when dialled from O2 post pay conenction. I would still advise you all to make sure that these numbers are counted in your inclusive minutes. It works fine for me. With other networks, I am not sure if non geographical numbers (as the ones listed above) are part of their inclusive minutes

The above numbers can be used to call most of the European as well as North American countries. Drop me a mail if you need more information.

Good luck.

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My Reflections said...

enna oru publicity thara...chance eh illa...u shd be in marketing sadly u r in IT...hmmmm

Mahesh Subramanian said...

well, i got u in marketting.. i am sure you will provide me with all the needed support.. lol.. so, i will be fine, wont i?.. :)

Vijay said...

Is this option still Valid in UK for post paid o2 customers?

Mahesh Subramanian said...

No, this option is no longer valid for O2 post paid customers.. You can use the above numbers from a landlins. I think it's 4 pence per minute.

Ruchi said...

I have been making all my calls to India absolutely Free for past 2 weeks. Here are the steps:

Use gift code FRE 7709100081E10 while signing up on
On home page you will see a link "Make All Your Calls FREE!" Click on it and choose any of the options.

Share your findings if you find anything more.