Saturday, December 16, 2006

Amazing Gilchrist

There are few players in world cricket who have captivated me more than Gilchrist. Basically, I am not a fan of Australian cricketers. I hate their arrogance and they rarely play the game with a smile. They are the bad boys of cricket and they do go scot free which irks me even more. Gilchrist, though, plays the game the way it should be played. He may keep chirping behind the stumps but hardly does he get into an argument. There is no overt sledging from his end. His expression remains the same whether he has hit a six or gets out. He always keeps smiling irrespective of the fate of the game. One of the few players who walks even before the umpire raises his finger. There is no hanging around hoping the umpire will miss it. He is true sportsman and the record that he carved out today couldn't have happened to a more nicer individual. He creamed a century of 57 balls that was as breathtaking as any attacking innings that we might have seen earlier. Gilchrist is naturally attacking player and to surpass his own standards is a massive feat. He handles pressure very well and keeps things very simple. One of the few incidents that I keep getting reminded of is the semifinal between Sri Lanka and Australia in the last world cup. He nicked the ball which wasn't noticeable at all. The umpire turned the appeal down. For any batsman, the temptation is always to cheat the umpire and keep batting on. Gilchrist too momentarily succumbed to that feeling but soon starts walking signalling to the umpire that he indeed nicked it. There was similar incident in the latest ashes series when he started walking on a duck. We need more players like him who play the game in a sporting manner and remind others that at the end of the day, its just a game. Bravo!!!

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artnavy said...

I second you on the spirit exhibited by him- first time here- reading on