Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One day at a time

The day started pretty well. I reached work on time and had a meeting to attend to immediately. Thankfully, I had done my homework and had something substantial to report. While this was happening, my work colleague and I were making plans to go to Barcelona for 4 days spread over this weekend. One dominating motivating factor was the fact that we still had our visas valid from our previous trip to Europe and hence one less hassle to deal with when finalising travel related plans. We checked the fares and they were quite reasonable and so were the hotel expenses. All looked bright and rosy until we had a discussion with a couple of other people at work who had travelled to Spain. Their opinion was that it would be far more fun visiting Europe in summer rather than in winter. As we weren't too fond of the snow and the cold, that struck a chord immediately and dampened our enthusiasm a little. Another alternative was to go to Morocco. The only problem is that I would need a visa which takes 10 days to process. So, we have put things on hold as of now. Well, we still have a day to decide and we could still land up in Barcelona on Thursday. Fingers crossed.

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Balaji said...

Do visit Barcelona in Summer. It is a fascinating place. Winter would be good too, but I doubt if you can spend too much time outside. The best way to see the city is by taking leisurely walks around and I am not sure if the winter weather will afford leisurely walks. You may end up spending the evenings at the disc or pubs. But nevertheless, it is a visit I would definitely recommend. Make sure you go to the Olympic Stadium and FC Barcelona. They are awesome.