Friday, December 08, 2006

Rain, movies and cricket

Its been a happening week. Cardiff has been witness to heavy rains, strong winds and some glorious sunshine. You are never sure when to carry your umbrella. Common sense would suggest that you carry it all the time as everyone knows how unpredictable the weather can be in the UK. The temptation though is to ditch your umbrella at home as you see a sunny day beckoning you as you step out of the house. By the time, you are quite some distance from home, the sun disappears as if by magic and rain comes pouring down leaving you cursing and cussing at your yourself and at things not in your control.

I have also been busy catching up on some old movies such as Godfather, Before sunrise and few new ones including world trade centre and march of the penguins. I am always fascinated at how exceptionally good the movie godfather is. I recently read the book and as I was reading it, I found how faithful the movie is to the book which is one of the reasons why the movie is so good. Even dialogues used in the book are faithfully used re-used in the movie. Marlon Brando was already a legend when this movie was being made but his presence just elevates the movie to unprecedented levels. Truly a masterpiece.

Last week was also when an impossible thing happened. No one who followed the second test at Adelaide would have thought that England would be the team to lose. One hour of madness on fifth day morning was all it took for England to wind up as losers. Shane warne spun his magic and Ricky ponting continued his dream run with the bat. I just felt that England shouldn't have declared their 1st innings when they did. Instead of declaring at 550 runs on 2nd day afternoon, they should have gone on to bat until 3rd day afternoon and having at least put 750 runs on the scoreboard. Its important to keep kicking the Australians while they are down. Otherwise, if you even give them a sniff at a chance, they will grab it. Warne and Mcgrath were looking ragged after staying out in the middle for nearly 2 days and definitely, another half a day out in the sun would have completely ground them . If England had indeed batted until 3rd day, there was no way they would have gone on to lose as the Australians wouldn't have had enough time to force a result in their favour which would have put additional pressure on the Australians knowing fully well that the only team that could lose would be themselves. This incident just takes me back to the Sydney test between India and Australia in 2004. Opting to bat first, India scored 720 runs in their first innings and batted for nearly 2.5 days. This ensured that however fast the Australians scored, there was no way that India could lose from there.

Well, its been a happening week indeed!!!

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