Wednesday, December 13, 2006

True Companions

Every day, as I am either walking to work or back home, I notice a number of home less people just sitting by the sidewalk. Some of them solicit passers by for spare change. The rest indulge in some kind of art form and as way of appreciation, people do drop a few nickels. Sometimes, you get to see some really good paintings on the sidewalk and its sad that very few take notice. The one common thing amongst all the homeless people (or at least a majority of them) is that they do have a well groomed and looked after dog. Unlike people, dogs don't differentiate between a rich and poor person, clean and dirty ones and don't care whether they are provided with fancy kennels or a wet blanket in a sidewalk. Its heartening to note that of whatever money the homeless people make, they do spend a considerable amount looking after the dog. The dog always stays by its masters side be it sun or rain and provide the often missed personal touch that sometimes humans fail to share with each other. Wish more people could open up (including me in that list) and reach out and help these people in need and enrich their lives just as the loyal dog does.

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