Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sivaji (The BOSS) - Movie Review (Tamil 2008)

I never felt that watching a Rajni movie would be as memorable as watching Sivaji - The Boss. I was in London a couple of days ago for a meeting. It got over early and I decided to head to the cinemas to watch Sivaji. I just got there in the nick of time to watch the trailer for an animated film with Rajni as the main character. It was a very brief trailer but looked promising.

I was now waiting for the movie to start. It gets of to a slow start and the build up is quite good. Rajni and Vivek do make a good pair on the screen but the situations themselves arent as funny as one would expect. I have not been a big fan of Shankar's comedy but Rajni and Vivek do make it worthwhile.

The story has nothing new in it but thats always been the case with Rajni movies. It's the treatment that matters and they score big in that area. Rajni has never looked this young, stylish and his screen presence hasn't diminished a bit. In the few scenes where they show him helpless and agitated against the political system, he does such a good job. There arent that many punch dialogues and they have a natural flow to it. Kudos to Sujatha. The fight scenes are chorographed well but the use of wire-effects does get to you after a while.

When I first listened to the songs in Rajni, I was fond of the Baleleika and Vaaji Vaaji song. In the movie though, the two songs that really stand out are the Style and Oru koodai. Rajni looks awesome in those songs and as it is more style based rather than being dance movement based, Rajni scores big time. Shriya does make a good eye-candy and thats all to it. But she pairs well with Rajni.

All in all, I was really excited just seeing Rajni on the big screen after a long time. Shankar-Rajni- Rahman combo does meet the audience expectation. It was a tuesday afternoon show and the cinema was full with the evening shows all sold out. There was a big group of tamil students and they made all the right noises during the movie with ear splitting whistles and appropriate comments and it just brought back memories of being in Madras watching a Rajni movie.

If you havent watched it, go for it right away. Enjoy....

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