Thursday, April 24, 2008

How dasavatharam created a frenzy?

Timing is everything in business. I just understood that. To be successful, you need to get the timing right most of the time. That's true in the blog world too. If you are an aspiring blogger and are looking to monetize your blog, you need to come up with content that's not only new but also something people want to hear about and that too in a timely manner.

What has this got to do anything with Dasvatharam? Well, I came across this trailer of Dasavatharam movie on youtube a few days back and it was very recently uploaded. So, there was a fairly good chance that not many people would have seen it. So, I just knocked up a quick post about the trailer and embedded the Youtube movie within the article. I also posted the article in a few forums such as Digg and Indianpad. This helps in making your article accessible as these forums are frequented by a lot of users.

The following morning, I checked my Google analytics account and was astounded to see close to 600 visitors in a day. I hardly get more than 10 visitors a day. So, you could say this was a pleasant shock.

You can check these figures from my Analytics account.

The figures (above and below) show the visits to my blog categorised by geographical region.

The really good part for people wishing to monetise their blog is that Google does pay when adverts are displayed. They need not be clicked and hence if you can sustain a high number of visitors to your blog in a consistent manner, you can assure yourself of a decent return.

Now, all I need to do is post something fun, original and interesting often and make sure I beat everyone to it!!!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Facebook introduces chat features

If you had checked your Facebook account this morning, you would have been surprised to see some new additional features. They have introduced chat that lets you communicate with your friends who are online at the same time.

The chat feature has been integrated very well and looks quite unobtrusive. The chat icon appears at the bottom right of the screen in the status bar. It is currently usable only in IE and Firefox. Unfortunately doesn't work in Opera.

The chat icon informs you of the number of people currently online. You can set your current informing others of your availability.

Once you click on the chat icon, it shows a list of people online and you can start the chat by clicking on a name.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dasavatharam trailer out

The trailer of Dasavatharam is finally out. It looks quite impressive though the make up for certain characters of Kamalhassan look a little obvious. I would have preferred a little more class than cheesiness. Also, KSR should stop doing a la Hitchcock. Ruins the feel for the movie. Lets hope it doesn't show up that prominently during the movie too. Enjoy the trailer.

An extended trailer can be found here (better quality too).

What do you think of the trailer guys? Please leave a comment.

Check this post to find out how hosting the trailer of Dasavatharam created a ripple effect on this blog.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Warne spins his magic

I have been following the Indian Premier League with a lot of interest and I feel that Rajasthan Royals may have got a sweet deal with Shane Warne in their camp acting as captain and coach. His bowling skill is undisputed and his aura remains undiminished post retirement.

Of all the premier league teams, Rajasthan Royals appear the weakest despite the presence of Warne, Graeme Smith, Younus Khan and Shane Watson. It would be interesting to see how Shane Warne moulds this team into a team of repute and considerable strength. In his first match as captain against Delhi Daredevils, there wasn't much on display as the batting effort was undercooked and their bowlers performed quite badly. Shane warne himself bowled only a few overs and took himself off the attack. There wasn't much spin or drift in his bowling as he is renowned for. His performance as a bowler was understandable given his lack of match practice.

However against Punjab Kings XI, he threw his hat into the ring and created the kind of havoc that he is known for. His bowling still appears a little rough but given his experience and tactical nous, he put all the batsmen under pressure and showed enough variation (which is interesting given that he wasn't spinning big or getting any drift) to bamboozle them and keep them tied up and fox them occasionally. He ended up with 3 wickets going at less than 6 an over. He would have also had the wicket of Yuvraj Singh, had Darren Lehman not messed up a simple chance.

After watching all the teams play at least once, I have decided to support Chennai Superkings (given that's my home town) and Rajasthan Royals (just to watch with pleasure the skill and tactical nous of Shane Warne). What this tournament really needs at the moment is for some of the unknown Indian players to step up and go blazing. All the appreciable performances have come from the usual big names, especially overseas ones (such as Mccullum, Hussey, Watson). If the public needs to identify with a team and wholeheartedly support the team, a local player needs to come to the party given that overseas players may come and go and may also end up playing for a rival team down the line. If the remaining matches promise atleast half the entertainment displayed so far, it going to be a wonderful tournament.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Indian Premier League starts with a bang!!!

Well, after all the hype and hoopla, the Indian Premier League started off today with a resounding bang and from what little can be perceived after today's play, it's going to be a huge success.

It was really interesting to see the players from different countries playing in a team. Even though such matches have been played before (like Australia vs. Rest of the world and so on...), it felt very different this time. For a change, it's not an one off situation and hence you need to develop some sort of loyalty to a particular team and start rooting for them. I haven't decided which team I will go for (though Chennai Superkings makes for an obvious choice). The city-based franchise doesn't work that well in practice as most of the players who will end up playing may not be from that city and hence it's not that easy to identify oneself with a team. That doesn't deter one from enjoying high quality skill on display as was the case today.

Brendon Mccullum continued from where he left off during the NZ - England one day series and it was pure instinctive batting with nothing holding him back. Though the Bangalore-based Royal Challengers started off well with Praveen Kumar bowling a splendid first over, it was all downhill after that. Ball after ball kept disappearing out of the stadium and even Ponting was left to play fifth-fiddle.

I was really looking forward to the cheerleaders display but it was a trifle disappointing to say the least. I actually enjoyed the display during the Twenty-20 world cup more than the one today. Hopefully, it will get better and make it even interesting.

The IPL finally has it's own website ( and I was surprised to see live footage being shown on the website. The website is till being updated and there isn't much content available as yet. Even though the news media is boycotting the tournament, it's heartening to see Cricinfo covering these matches albeit with some delay. There are no photographs uploaded on Cricinfo. For photographs from the tournament, you will have to go to the official IPL website. The IPL matches are being telecast on Setanta channel and they also show extensive highlights later in the day. SO, I can come back home after work and enjoy the highlights.

The line up of matches offer a mouthwatering prospect of cricket at its best and I am really excited and looking forward to it.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Orkut vs. Facebook

I was an Orkut nut for a very long time. Despite suggestions from people asking me to try out Facebook, I hung on to my beliefs that a Google product would be better than any others. I have to admit I was wrong.

Google for me represented everything that was simple, fun and evolving. While Orkut was true to that on the first two accounts, it has not delivered on the third front. It has simply stagnated and even the updates / changes that's being delivered from time to time are just not enough and forward looking.

The very first time I used Facebook, I was literally lost. There was too much going on there and everything looked haphazard. It took me a while to find my feet and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience since then. I really like the provision whereby anyone could write an application based on the API provided and could make it available to others. A lot of fun applications have been made available and everyday there is something new to look forward too. Even their photo album feature is more fun and easy to use especially when you have to upload a large number if pictures. Plus, there are cool option for tagging pictures, re-arranging them and even making them available to non-registered users.

Orkut has been restrictive and it hasn't evolved fast enough. I guess Orkut isn't a major priority for Google but it has a large user base and it would be a shame if they turned their backs on Orkut and looked for something more exciting.

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