Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dasavatharam trailer out

The trailer of Dasavatharam is finally out. It looks quite impressive though the make up for certain characters of Kamalhassan look a little obvious. I would have preferred a little more class than cheesiness. Also, KSR should stop doing a la Hitchcock. Ruins the feel for the movie. Lets hope it doesn't show up that prominently during the movie too. Enjoy the trailer.

An extended trailer can be found here (better quality too).

What do you think of the trailer guys? Please leave a comment.

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jeeva said...

really we hope 100% world class move in Tamil and Heartly thanks to Super Actor Dr. Kamal Hassan. now we are waiting for release date and watch move in digital theaters all over the world. it's conformed super hit move in Indian film History. Thankx to producer and Dir. K.S. Ravi kumar.