Monday, May 05, 2008

Cosmeston Medieval Village One-to-One Scene Re-enacted

I visited the Cosmeston Medieval Village today and was pleasantly surprised to enjoy a day long list of activities. I recorded a portion of the one-to-one combat scene and have uploaded it at youtube. It's available below.

Here is a bit of history about Cosmeston from Wikipedia.

Cosmeston Medieval Village is a "living history" village near Lavernock in the Vale of Glamorgan not far from Penarth and Cardiff in south Wales. Based upon remains discovered during a 1980s archaeological dig in the grounds of Cosmeston Park, it is a re-creation of 14th century peasant life.

The reconstructed village regularly plays host to groups of reenactors, who camp in authentic tents around the outskirts of the village, and perform displays of historical combat for the public.
(Source: Wikipedia. More information on Cosmeston medieval village can be looked up here)

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