Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kuruvi - Movie review (Tamil, 2008)

Kuruvi is an absolute disappointment from director Tharani. Not much can be expected from a Vijay movie but Tharani has so far dished out movies that were fast paced with a racy screenplay and some good songs thrown in. Kuruvi fails in every aspect and even worse, Vijay mimics some dance steps that Simbu (Silamabarasan) would do. Cant get any worse, eh?

As for the story, there is none. Vetrivel (Vijay) plays a kuruvi (guy who smuggles stuff across borders). He has to rescue his father from the clutches of an evil man (played by Suman, what a let down) who has enslaved him. There are 5 songs, numerous fight scenes and oh, I forgot to mention, Trisha (who has one of the most dumbest roles). Well, most of the roles reserved for actresses in Tamil cinema fall into this category. So, Trisha can be excused.

Vidyasagar has confused loud beats for music. You can hardly spot the difference between the songs as they all sound the same. Expected more from Vidyasagar.

Lead actors are supposed to be the mainstay in a review. But Ashish Vidyarthi (plays a local goonda) and Vivek make the movie little bearable. Vivek is absent in the second half and the movie plods along from one fight to another. There is zero creativity in any of the scenes and as soon as the movie starts, you can predict the ending. That's not how a movie is supposed to be.

Vijay has been unapologetic about the kind of movies he makes. And power to him. But movies like Kuruvi just make the movie watching experience akin to torture. The argument is that his movies are escapist and cater to the masses. As I was watching the movie, I was plotting my own escape from the theater.

Verdict: KURUVI = Dumb story, pathetic acting, loud noise for music and zero creativity

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