Thursday, July 03, 2008

Journal paper...

My first and only journal paper until now got published recently. I have a few conference papers to my name but nothing matches the sheer excitement of seeing your name on a journal paper. It was a joint effort with around 8 authors contributing. Here I am reproducing the abstract for the paper below.

Title: Simultaneous Trend Analysis for Evaluating Outcomes in Patient-Centred Health Monitoring Services

Abstract: The research aim underpinning the Healthcare@Home (HH) information system described here was to enable ‘near real time’ ethical risk analysis for disease early detection and prevention. To this end, we are implementing a family of prototype web services to ‘push’ or ‘pull’ individual’s health-related data via an ecosystem of clinical hubs, mobile communication devices and/or dedicated home-based network servers to one or more longitudinal data analysis engines. A semantically-consistent, consented data collation infrastructure is being created along the ‘patient path’ to evaluate individual’s disease progression risk in the light of clinical understanding of pathophysiological processes in diabetes and retinopathy. We describe the operational requirements for improved ‘scalability’ of multi-trends management, together with the logical and physical architecture requirements of the system. A Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach is used to maximise benefits from structured clinical evidence and computational models of disease progression exposed elsewhere on the SOA. The implications of this ‘closed loop ecosystem’ approach for improving intervention outcomes, patient safety, contextual decision support, objective measurement of service quality and data inputs for quantitative healthcare (predictive) modelling are discussed.

Keywords: web services; time series analysis routines; scalability; chronic disease management; portal technologies; risk monitoring; service-oriented architecture.

The full paper can be looked up here

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