Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Movie review - Singh is Kinng (Hindi, 2008)

One thing that becomes apparent on watching this movie is the undeniable fact that Akshay Kumar has terrific screen presence and makes a movie work however inane the script may be. It doesn't really matter as to who the director is as Akshay is able to rise above the script and keep delivering hits. As some one said, this movie is critic-proof and going to be box office hit.

The story goes somewhat like this. Akshay is Happy Singh and is lovable useless guy in the village. Sonu Sood plays Lucky Singh and is a feared underworld don in Australia. As his garners more and more press coverage, villagers back home in Punjab are worried about his deeds maligning the entire community and hence they pack off Akshay Kumar to Australia to convince Sonu to give up his bad ways and return home. The rest of story is about Akshay Kumar worming his way into the gangster den and triumphing at the end.

The story takes a detour and Akshay Kumar and his pal (Om Puri as Rangeela) land up in Egypt where they come across Katrina Kaif, who happens to be researching on criminal behaviour and it's love at first sight for Akshay. While Katrina comes across as extremely beautiful with adequate dancing skills, she can barely mouth her lines. It's an ordeal watching her enact a scene. It is to Akshay's credit that he is able to overcome the deficiency in the script as well the inept acting by his co-star. Neha Dupia plays the gangster moll and in fact looks and performs better than Katrina (which is not saying much).

Do all these deficiencies really matter? Nope. Just as the song "Singh is King" comes on the screen shortly before the interval, you are sucked into Akshay's charisma and style. All the songs are well choreographed and stylistically performed. The songs are hummable and some of them quite groovy. As the credits roll, we get to watch the much hyped Snoop Dog song and I must say, it works. The song is quite catchy and the novelty of seeing an international artiste perform alongside an Indian artiste keeps it going.

Don't go to this movie expecting any logic or try to make sense of anything happening on the screen. Leave your brains outside the screen and you may end up enjoying the movie!!!

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