Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yoowalk - 3D world

I recently came across the site Yoowalk and found it to be an interesting experiment. It aims to create a 3D representation of the Internet world where you can navigate and visit any site you want. It is similar to reading a map and finding your way out. Each user can create their own avatar (personality / person representation) and interact with other fellow users. There are provision for making your website available in the 3D world and Yoowalk is coming up with their own set of API tools that would help the interested users in creating a 3D model of their website. It's still unclear if the publishers of a website need to pay a fee. There are no components to download and the application is completely self-contained in a browser. While it is possible to use the application as a guest user, the usage is restricted and requires registering and creating an avatar to make full use. Just as in a real estate development, you can find plots of area vacant. If you would like to list your website in the 3D world, just select a vacant spot and deploy your model.

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