Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book review - A century turns by William J. Bennett

"A century turns" provides a compelling and interesting summary of American political history from early 1990s leading up to 2009. While most of the events (especially international events) narrated are quite familiar and often tread upon topics, the author's take on the domestic happenings is quite detailed. Various events leading to the presidential elections are explained quite vividly and this was one part of the book that I found to be a little dry. Even though the author is stating his personal viewpoint, he steers clear of vilifying any of the political characters and where necessary, supports them.

The author succeeds in his role of informing us of the most important events taking place during the last 20 years and none of the facts are glossed over. Quite a bit of emphasis is placed on narrating the events as it is without letting his judgement cloud the topic. The author’s sofrt corner for Bush Sr. is evident in the first few chapters. What makes the content quite interesting is the fact that the author himself was involved with various governments in different capacities and is thus able to offer a unique perspective on a situation.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone interested in getting their hands on a fun and invigorating book.

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